How To Charge a Type C Phone Without a Charger?

How To Charge a Type C Phone Without a Charger?

When you’re out and about and the battery on your phone dies, it can be a very frustrating experience. And if your phone is of the type C variety, you may have an even harder time charging it. How To Charge a Type C Phone Without a Charger?

How To Charge a Type C Phone Without a Charger?

Use a USB Port

You will need the cable that is compatible with your phone for this, which in this case is a type C cable. All you need to do to get started is plug the cable into the USB port on your desktop computer or laptop, and you will be ready to go.

Find a charging station that has a USB port so that you may plug in both your phone and its charger when you are in a public place like a shopping mall or airport.

The vast majority of USB ports found in airports and certain coffee shops offer a level of power that is adequate to charge a common smartphone. There are even motels that have USB ports in the lamps and nightstands of their guests.

Utilize a Portable Charger of Some Kind

Having a power bank is one of the most important technological items that you should always have on you, but it is especially important to have one when you are travelling.

When you need to charge your phone while you’re on the road but you don’t have access to a charger or an outlet, they come in quite helpful. Charge your portable battery pack before you leave the house, and don’t forget to bring it with you everytime you go anywhere.

Using the power bank, you will be able to give portable electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones a charge. Batteries located inside the power bank are responsible for storing the charge before distributing it to the connected devices using the available USB ports.

It’s possible that a power bank won’t be able to charge your phone as quickly as a regular charger, but most modern power banks can provide enough power to fully charge your smartphone. However, having some charge is still preferable to having none at all.

Use your car

Using a car is yet another choice that can be made. You can charge your device with one of the USB ports that are now standard in most vehicles, or you can purchase an adapter that fits into the cigarette lighter port.

Just double check that the charger you’re using is both compatible with your phone and able to provide a sufficient amount of power so that it can be charged rapidly.

You can also simply switch your car into accessory mode or ignite it without starting the engine in order to power the USB ports. Either of these options will work.

Solar-powered charger

If you’re in a jam and can’t find any other charger, then a solar charger can be the only option left for you to save your battery life.

Solar chargers are capable of transforming light from the sun into an electrical current, which can then be used to power electronic gadgets. They are quite useful in times of crisis and can be of assistance when you are hiking in the wilderness and do not have any other method to charge your phone.

Simply position the charger such that it receives sunshine from all angles, and allow it to charge. Just insert your phone’s type C cord into the charger when necessary, and then plug the charger into your phone.

How To Charge a Type C Phone Without a Charger


Charging using wireless means

Utilizing wireless charging is still another alternative. These days, wireless charging features are built into a lot of different phones.

The technology that enables wireless charging relies on electromagnetic induction and electrical resonance as its underlying principles.

To put it another way, an electromagnetic field is produced when a circuit that is made up of coils that are located on two surfaces (the back of the phone and the charger) that are relatively close to one another generates it. This field makes it possible for energy to be transferred from one location to another.

To charge your device without wires, all you need is a wireless charger. Simply set your phone on the charger, and the charging process will begin automatically. Wireless chargers are fantastic due to the fact that they are incredibly easy to operate and convenient.

Crank Chargers

If you are searching for something that is more long-lasting and resilient, crank chargers are a fantastic alternative to consider. It is also quite simple to use them; all you have to do is turn the handle, and it will begin to charge your phone. They are very convenient.

Because it does not require electricity, a hand-crank charger is an excellent choice for use during outdoor activities or in times of crisis.

Connect the charging line from your phone to the hand-crank charger, and continue turning the handle of the charger until the battery on your phone has a charge that is sufficient for use.

Some hand-cranks come equipped with their own built-in batteries, which enable you to charge the battery and then use that battery to charge your phone whenever it’s necessary.

Although it is an effective option, charging your phone in this manner is not the most productive use of your time. It would take a significant amount of time to obtain a complete charge, not to mention the consistent force that you would need to exert with your arms for an extended period of time in order to generate electricity.

A Few Parting Thoughts

I really hope that this post was informative for you, and that you are now aware of a few different ways that you can charge your type C phone without using a charger.

There are many different approaches that can be taken, so choose the one that is not only the most suitable for your needs but also the most accessible to you.

Just keep in mind that you should always have a backup plan, and you should charge your phone on a regular basis, so that you never find yourself in a scenario in which you’re unable to communicate with anyone.

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