Apple’s iPadOS 16 arrives with new multitasking experience for M1 iPads

Apple’s iPadOS 16 arrives with new multitasking experience for M1 iPads

Apple’s announced its next-generation operating systems today, and we’ve already covered what’s new in iOS 16 and macOS Ventura. So let’s now turn our attention to iPadOS 16, which as you’d expect has a lot of similarities with iOS 16, and gets many of the same features. However, there are also some iPad-specific things in there, and perhaps none more interesting than the new Stage Manager multitasking experience.

Only iPads with Apple’s M1 chipset will be able to use this feature, and it will automatically arrange their windows and apps. It also lets you create overlapping windows of different sizes in a single view, drag and drop windows from the side, or open apps from the dock to create groups of apps for faster multitasking when you need it.

Apple's iPadOS 16 arrives with new multitasking experience for M1 iPads

Your active window will always be front and centre, while all other windows and applications will be listed to the left in reverse chronological order. Complete support for external displays at resolutions up to 6K is also enabled by Stage Manager. Connecting your iPad M1 to an external monitor in this way allows you to use up to eight applications at once, four on the iPad and four on the second screen.

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The new Freeform collaboration app in iPadOS 16 features a “flexible canvas” for collaborative projects. Fully compatible with the Apple Pencil, it consolidates viewing, sharing, and collaboration into a single interface. It’s a real-time collaboration canvas that will roll out “later this year,” letting users begin a session via FaceTime and follow along with the rest of the group’s progress in a Messages thread.

You can now schedule emails and have a brief window of time to revoke their sending from within the Mail app. Emails that have been sent are automatically moved to the top of your inbox, and the app will alert you if you forget to include an attachment or recipient. In addition to a more comprehensive view of your contacts and the content you’ve shared with them, the new search experience will also automatically correct any typos in your query and suggest appropriate synonyms.

Apple's iPadOS 16 arrives with new multitasking experience for M1 iPads

Sharing tabs in Safari allows users to work together on a set of tabs with friends and view updates in real time. It’s not just tabs that can be shared and conversations started within Safari; bookmarks can be shared as well. Each tab group can have its own unique start page, complete with an image background, bookmarks, and other features, all of which are viewable and editable by all members of the group.

As an alternative to passwords for websites and apps, Apple promotes passkeys, which are supported by Safari. These are one-of-a-kind digital credentials that can only be used on the websites you’ve authorised on your iPad. There is no way for anyone to steal them because they are never saved to a server. By scanning the QR code with your iPad and then authenticating with Face ID or Touch ID, you can use your passkey to sign in to websites or apps.

iOS 16 brings the Weather app to the iPad, and Siri now has the ability to automatically launch app shortcuts, add emoji to messages, and handle more request types while offline. The Home app has been revamped from the ground up, and now supports Matter, a new smart home connectivity standard that ensures all of your gadgets will communicate with one another regardless of the device they were originally designed for. Your handwriting will be automatically corrected in Notes, and you can protect sensitive information by encrypting it with an iCloud password.

Now, with iPadOS 16, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro can “match the colour requirements in workflows like review and approve, colour grading, and compositing” thanks to Reference Mode’s improved colour accuracy. Display Zoom allows you to increase the display’s pixel density, and Virtual Memory Swap utilises the storage to increase the system’s RAM by as much as 16GB.

Apple's iPadOS 16 arrives with new multitasking experience for M1 iPads

iPadOS 16 is available now as a developer preview, and the public beta will launch next month alongside iOS 16. iPad (5th gen and newer), iPad mini (5th gen and newer), iPad Air (3rd gen and newer), and every iPad Pro model will be able to download iPadOS 16 this fall for free.

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